EDC announces pipeline funding to enterprise park

GREENSBURG — Approximately 550 acres on the north side of I-74 could bring new business to Decatur County, and a large step has been taken in making that possibility a reality.

EDC Executive Director, Marc Coplon learned on Thursday that the water and sewer pipelines to the park, which run from the south side of the interstate through a 30-inch diameter sleeve, will be connected to the southern boundary at the right of way of the park. They will be funded by the Decatur County Redevelopment Commission.

The executive director thanked the commission on Thursday for their contributions to the project.

“The EDC very much appreciates the commitment made by the Decatur County Redevelopment Commission to fund this critical need of the park,” said Coplon.

With this milestone being reached, Coplon seems optimistic about the future of this site. Essentially, the completion of the pipelines is a realization of opportunity.

“I’m very pleased with this,” Coplon said. “It’s a big step forward for this site and we’ll be able to help bring new businesses to our community  sooner.”

Coplon said earlier this year that the EDC expects to have companies looking at the site in the future. The 550-acre Indiana Site Certified Gold business enterprise park is currently making progress as it pertains to industrialization.

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs says, “The Gold tier builds upon Silver by requiring a minimum of 20 contiguous acres, a location no more than 5 miles from a state highway, a completed geo-tech study, a seismic hazard map, proper zoning, a desktop archaeological investigation, utilities be located to the property line, or future build be located in public right-of-way, and the area be free from recognized environment concerns.”

But when could the site see its first businesses? Although no timetable has been set, it depends on a few conditions, Coplon says.

“It’s estimated that when businesses become more confident of economic conditions and tax policies that will prevail during the current administration, the sooner or quicker we’ll see new locations at the enterprise park,” Coplon said.

More businesses result in more jobs. As of March 2017, the county had the 22nd lowest non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, 4.1 percent, in the Hoosier State. Indiana also currently sits below the 4.7 percent national average with a 4.1 percent seasonally adjusted unemployment rate.

With the local EDC expecting companies to look at the enterprise park, economic numbers could gain even more steam.

It was also announced last summer by the EDC that a logistics company would eventually generate approximately 60 jobs for Decatur County, sparking the process of filling Adams Industrial Park. Jobs from Midwest Logistics Systems, which will act as a hauler for Honda vehicles, will include maintenance and truck driving positions.

That process is still moving along as Honda will need to provide an easement for a short road that will lead to the park.

Source:  Greensburg Daily News