We’ve grown up with agriculture and a healthy food industry

Greensburg Decatur County, Indiana understands the food industry, largely because we are surrounded by millions of acres of cropland. We’re in the heart of an agricultural region whose annual inputs include more than 80 million bushels of corn and 28 million bushels of soybeans, as well as an inventory of more than 320,000 head of hogs, 15,000 head of beef cattle, and 6,900 dairy cattle.

Combine that with abundant fresh water and sewer capacity, redundant electric power supplies, and a workforce that grew up with the skills and values associated with agriculture, and you’ll see what makes us a great site for food processing and agribusiness. And, of course, there’s a regional labor shed of more than 246,000 people with a proud heritage of self-motivation and quality that goes back several generations.