Greensburg High Tech Program Honored by Conexus

GREENSBURG — An Indiana nonprofit dedicated to improving the state’s workforce has recognized Greensburg Community Schools for a new initiative that allows students to gain experience with local industrial companies, including Gecom, Valeo and Honda.

Conexus Indiana recently presented GCS with the 2015 Conexus Hire Tech Launch Award. GCS was the only recipient among about 30 eligible schools.

Conexus focuses on workforce development and industry partnerships to promote advanced manufacturing and logistics in Indiana.

The Hire Tech curriculum for which GCS was recognized was created by Conexus and Ivy Tech. The program is offered at 186 schools. Businesses help schools implement the curriculum and provide students with training in their facilities. Students also can earn industry credentials and college credits.

Conexus said in a press release that the Greensburg program, led by technology teacher Mike Novak, “achieved significant success through effective partnerships with … major automotive industry manufacturing companies in the Greensburg area.”

Novak said that being recognized as the best among about 30 new programs was “overwhelming,” “humbling” and a “tremendous honor.”

The teacher said that the industrial partners, including Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, GECOM and Valeo, proved especially beneficial because field trips to the manufacturing operations and guest speakers showed students that what they are learning is relevant in today’s work environment.

Seeing how the skills they are acquiring at Greensburg Community High School can help them in their future jobs really helps motivate kids, Novak said.

The Conexus program provides the school with another way of making sure that students are ready to work when they graduate, he said.

Claudia Cummings, Conexus Indiana’s vice president of Education, Workforce and Community Programs, said in the press release that Greensburg students “demonstrated especially high achievement.”

All ten students earned the Manufacturing Production and Operations credit, and eight students earned the MPRO 100 credit. Each of the credits nets the students three hours of college credits at Ivy Tech. In addition, seven of the students acquired a logistics certification.

Five of the students were seniors, and four of the underclassmen are applying to complete internships with local businesses this fall, Novak said.

At the end of the school year, 17 students already had signed up to take the Conexus course beginning this fall.


Source:  Boris Ladwig Daily News