We believe in working harder and working smarter

Here in Greensburg Decatur County, Indiana, we were raised to believe that employers deserve an honest day’s work from employees. You’ll see that self-motivated attitude in place at local businesses, along with a strong sense of precision and quality.

We draw from a regional labor shed of more than 246,000 people with a proud heritage of manufacturing and agricultural work that goes back several generations. It’s a big part of the reason that Honda Manufacturing of Indiana chose us for their assembly plant — and it’s why companies that supply automakers and other manufacturers locate here. We’re also home to companies in a broad range of other sectors such as food production, logistics, and distribution.

Local residents know that the economy is ever-changing, so they’ve supported a strong educational community that is focused on providing the skills today’s employers need. You’ll see that in the more than 50 dual-credit opportunities at local high schools, and in Project Lead the Way, whose engineering-focused curriculum is offered at local junior and senior high schools. This year, Greensburg Community High School opens a 10,000-square-foot Vocational Education Manufacturing Lab to teach skills in CNC machining, welding, and CAD-based engineering and design.