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When you select Greensburg Decatur County, Indiana, you don’t have to make a choice between the comfort of small-town living and the resources offered by larger cities. Because we are located within an hour’s drive of Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana, you and your employees can enjoy the benefits of both.



Activities for Everyone

Our community offers life at a more comfortable pace, with everything you would expect from small towns, and a lot that might surprise you. For example, there’s our impressive YMCA, with three gymnasiums, a swimming pool, and daycare services. Our parks system has a variety of options around town and continues to grow. We also have miles of safe walking trails, schools that earn high grades in Indiana’s accountability system, and outstanding healthcare with connections to key regional medical centers. Housing and land prices are extremely affordable, so if your dream house includes rolling acreage, you’ll be able to make it a reality.

ABC Academy Daycare & Preschool


Good Shepherd

Precious Cargo

Red Brick Preschool

St. Mary's School


Daycare & Preschool

In Decatur County, we believe that the future of our community lies in how we care for the next generation, and that focus on the youngest of our population also has the ability to benefit our present-day labor force, employers and community as a whole.  Providing effective, affordable childcare options for all is a continuous focus for all the following reasons:

  •  It provides adults with families the opportunities to advance their job and educational prospects, through a reliable means of caring for their family while they pursue their goals.
  • It provides a great start towards the education of the children, as numerous studies have proven the importance of early childhood instruction and the impacts it has on later graduation rates and general development.
  • It provides benefits to employers through attracting additional labor, as well as retaining employees that are building families.  Equally, studies have shown that quality, reliable childcare enables a workforce to stay focused and increase productivity, greatly lessening the worries of a parent during the work day.

All of these benefits lead to a greater future for our community, and it is for these reasons that the EDC of Greensurg/Decatur County sees childcare as an important factor in our economic development strategy.  

Jada & I started Reclaim in Greensburg to give individuals hope in their health and fitness pursuits. We wanted to create a place where family and friends could belong and share life with like-minded individuals. It is an honor to serve our community in and outside the four walls of Reclaim. One day we hope to pass this on to our children, if they desire, and continue our vision for generations.

James Ogle

Owner/Coach, Reclaim Health & Fitness Facility

The rewards of running a manufacturing company in Decatur County are many.  Even though each company is in competition for many of the same resources we work together to make the environment better for all.  Sharing best practices and ideas is the norm here.

Bob Cheatham

Plant Manager, Nipro PharmaPackaging America's Corporation Westport

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